Bedtime Mummy Mindfulness

Tuesday evenings @ 8:30pm, Zoom

This class is perfect for beginners or anyone who wishes to gain more control over their mind and emotions. The class lasts 40 minutes and is split into two, the first half teaching you techniques from a broad range of wellness disciplines with the aim to equip you with the best tool bag to call upon in times of mental ill-health, stress and anxiety. We will then move onto a guided relaxation, which will help you unclutter your mind, ready for a good nights sleep.

The class is directed at Mums but any parent is welcome, whether your child is 30 years old or 30 days old this class aims to equip you with the best wellness tool bag, to call upon in times of stress, anxiety and mental ill-health. It is incredibly challenging being a mum, the mental load is heavy and we need to find some time to focus on ourselves, get some space, and make sure the sleep we are getting is the best it can be, before we are inevitably woken!

Mindfulness For Beginners Course

Tuesday evenings for 8 weeks @ 7:30pm, Zoom

Over 8 weeks you will learn techniques to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on your life. The course teaches a combination of wellness and mindfulness practices, from across holistic and psychiatric therapeutic disciplines. Each class ends with a 15 minute guided relaxation practice, helping you un-wind and practice the exercises taught in class.


Alongside the online classes, participants will receive a pdf course guide to help you recap and incorporate the tools taught into your lives and a chance to have a regular 1-1 chat with the coach to work on your specific needs. 

This class is perfect for mindfulness beginners or anyone who wishes to gain more control over their mind and emotions. 

Manageable Mindfulness - Sleep Sessions FREE

One off class ~ Monday 26th October @8:30pm

Join mindfulness coach Ella Norman for an online bedtime mindfulness class, this class promises to be both relaxing and enlightening. Ella will spend the first half of the class teaching you tools to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on your life in simple, adaptable steps. Followed by a delicious bedtime guided relaxation.


The class will last 45 minutes and is a perfect prelude to bed. So hop into your jammys, get comfy and let Ella take you on a transformative journey to a good nights kip.


This class is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about mindfulness, but particularly for those of you who struggle to switch off and wish to have more control over your mind. Ella runs regular, affordable, bedtime classes online with the aim to equip participants with a fantastic wellness tool-bag to call upon in times of mental ill-health, but also show them how they can easily incorporate being mindful into their busy, hectic lives.

1-1 Wellness Coaching

Book a chat with wellness expert Ella to compliment existing mindfulness knowledge or one of our classes, talk about your specific needs and together figure out a strategy to incorporate wellness into your life. 

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