Holistic Massage + Delish Dinner = Ultimate Relaxation

Coming soon in 2018...

Either for yourself or as a gift to an other, there is no treat better than a massage in your own home, followed by a beautifully prepared meal. Whether it be date night, well deserved alone time or a late lunch with your dearest friends, this package allows true relaxation in the comfort of your own home. 

A keen traveller and cook, Ella has spent her lifetime cultivating and adapting recipes from around the world and home. 

Having spent years of her life battling IBS, Ella has developed a phenomenal nutritional knowledge base and range of free-from recipes. No matter what your dietary requirements, she can cater to them and produce something delicious. Organic, local and free range produce is selected where possible. 

How it works:

1.  You receive 2 meal options, you select your fave

2. Ella lovingly prepares your food

3. Ella arrives at your home and gives an amazing massage to either just you, you and your partner, or your friends

4. Once the massage is over, you settle on the sofa, soak in a bath, or take a nap while Ella prepares your main course, leaving you to eat and prepare your dessert in your own time

5. You have a glorious night of relaxation, followed by a wonderful nights sleep and wake up revived!


4 + People



Alone Time

1 Person



Date Night

2 People



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