The best way to get to know more about Ella is to check out her social feed, she posts regular IGTV videos, giving snippets of advice and mini guided meditations. 


 Holistic Therapy


Mindfulness | Deep Tissue | Pregnancy | Relaxation | Remedial Massage

Glass Cupping | Reiki


Ella is Holistic Therapist  specialising in mindfulness and relaxation.

She holds a level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy, plus further qualifications in Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage, Reiki and Deep Tissue Massage plus Glass Cupping. She has extensive mindfulness experience, both professionally and personally and incorporates yogic and psycho-therapeutic strategies into her work. She is registered with the FHT, the lead governing body of Holistic Therapies. 

Ella is a Holistic Massage Therapist who specialises in creating treatments based on exactly what the client needs. Following a holistic focus, new clients have a 10 minute consultation to asses physical, mental and spiritual well-being, allowing Ella to create a treatment specific to you.

After undertaking her training with Quantum Metta School of Massage, Ella has a Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy, awarded to her from the Massage Training Institute, she is also delighted to have been accepted a member of the governing body Federation of Holistic Therapies. 


Since then she has continued her professional development to study pregnancy and postnatal massage, specialist deep tissue techniques, reiki and glass cupping and mindfulness. Ella is a level 2 Reiki practitioner, which means that she can use this not only to enhance her massage but offer therapeutic Reiki treatments too. 

She has traveled widely, gathering insight into other culture and is particularly interested in Ayuverdic medicine and lifestyle to aid healing and create balance.  


Ella originally went to Durham University and studied Sociology, which is where her appreciation for a holistic understanding of life began. Sociology teaches you to look at society or an individual as a product of countless influences, which is the same principle we apply to holistic therapy. After university Ella traveled for the first time to Asia where she began to learn about alternative ways to manage stress, on her return to the UK she began a career working for a prestigious marketing company but kept up her interest in alternative approaches towards health by studying from all sorts of holistic disciplines.


In 2016 after suffering a stress induced nervous breakdown, Ella discovered the true strength of alternative healing and in particular “mindfulness”. It was her recovery that inspired her to take the leap to quit her corporate job and train to be a Holistic Therapist. Since then Ella has opened her own practice offering Reiki, Massage & Cupping but it was the aftercare advice and mindfulness guidance she incorporated into her sessions which made her clients come back, and back. 

In 2019, she spent a year dedicating herself to the study of mindfulness so she could broaden her own practice and coach others. She spent time in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia learning different breath-work, meditation and mindfulness methods.

Since then Ella has had a baby girl, and throughout her pregnancy and birth practiced hyno-birthing which incorporates many of the disciplines she had already worked with, yet again she was shown the power of mindfulness, and more importantly the mind-body relationship. During her maternity leave the world was changed by corona-virus, which gave her the push she needed to leave the physical aspects of holistic therapy behind and begin a new venture into virtual mindfulness coaching. 

Ella strongly believes that anyone can practice mindfulness. She, like the majority of her clients, lives a regular life far from the stereotypes which come attached to mindfulness. Her corporate clients love that fact she is relatable and far removed from the hippy-dippy cliche. With Ella you will be working with someone with direct experience working in the corporate sphere and dealing with the stresses of modern life, which gives her a higher level of empathy and understanding of the needs of corporate clients.


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